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There are many ways to celebrate International Day of the Girl. One of the most important is to help spread the word and to encourage others to do the same.

To help raise awareness about this day and all that it stands for, Status of Women Canada has created this electronic postcard. Simply fill out the form, choose a message and send!

Who could you send it to? Anyone including colleagues, parents, children, friends and other members of your community might like to know about this day and how to celebrate it. Do your part and pass it on.

Fill out the form below to send an International Day of the Girl electronic postcard.

Filling a large area, on the left side of the page, is a stylized image of the Earth. The land masses of the world are depicted by a montage of light green symbols meant to represent girls, including the gender symbol denoting female, the women’s washroom symbol and a female smiling-face symbol. Surrounding the land masses is a montage of the same symbols in pale aqua blue, indicating the oceans of the world. On the right side of the image, in white letters are the following lines: INTERNATIONAL DAY OF THE Girl, On October 11 (circled in blue) we celebrate the International Day of the Girl, Because..., Girls are leaders, Girls make a difference and Girls’ rights matter. In the lower left-hand corner the Status of Women Canada wordmark; and in the lower right-hand corner, is the Canada wordmark, is right in the middle.

Download and print an image of the International Day of the Girl electronic postcard.

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