International Women's Day

Canada's theme

Canada’s theme for International Women’s Day 2015 is:

Strong Women. Strong World.
Improving Economic Opportunities for All

This theme points to the vital contribution that women make every day to both the domestic and the global economy. It also highlights the importance of ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to help create prosperity, whether as an employee, a professional, a business leader or an entrepreneur.

Download the poster

To assist you in organizing an International Women’s Day activity, or simply to raise awareness of this year's theme, Status of Women Canada has prepared the following poster:

Poster image
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Poster Description

This poster is in English. The background is bright blue and appears to have the texture of folded paper, which fades to a lighter shade of blue in the centre. The following text appears: "Strong Women." "Strong World. Improving Economic Opportunities for All." "International Women's Day", the date "March 8", and the hashtag #InternationalWomensDay.

At the center of the poster, appears a transparent image of a globe appears in shades of blue. It is being circled by several dotted lines in navy blue. Over the globe is the image of a transparent, jagged trend line ending with an arrow on the right. It is moving from the left to the right, in an upward direction. There is also a shadow of the trend line that appears in a darker shade underneath.

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