Women History Month

Women's History Month 2014


Let's celebrate Women’s History Month this October!

The theme for 2014 is Canadian Business Women - A Growing Economic Force.

Empowering women to succeed benefits Canadian women and helps to grow and diversify our economy.


Women have made valuable contributions to the Canadian economy throughout our history.

  • According to RBC Economics reports, majority-owned women’s businesses contributed an estimated $148 billion to the Canadian economy in 2011.
  • Women-owned businesses currently employ over 1.5 million Canadians, according to the BMO Financial Group.
  • This proud history can inspire talented, innovative, enterprising women and girls across Canada to pursue opportunities in the business world, and join in building a stronger economy for all.


  • Throughout October, during Women’s History Month, we will celebrate Canadian business women and the contribution they have made to the nation and its economy.
  • From entrepreneurs to corporate leaders, women have played – and continue to play – a pivotal role in building the Canada that we know today.
Women standing in front of a map of Canada

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