Introduction to GBA+

Policy development

Applying GBA+ to policy development is important because women, men and gender-diverse people can experience the same issue differently, even in cases where, on the surface, it does not seem gendered, or to have varying impacts on diverse populations. GBA+ enhances policy development by guiding the gathering of information and analysis needed to inform the best decisions.

Illustration of a character holding a pen.

Some questions to consider for policy development include:

  • What has triggered the issue? Is this issue important to a particular group? Who has identified it? Whose voice is most prominent?
  • What is the broader social and economic context? While the policy issue may seem limited in scope, it is always tied to a larger objective.
  • Have the experiences of women, men and gender-diverse people been considered in defining the issue?
  • If I consider an issue “neutral,” how do I know this?
  • Are there groups of people that might experience this issue differently?
  • Have stakeholders been consulted? Do they represent a diversity of perspectives?
  • What mitigation strategies will provide the most positive impacts for all people?
  • How can this proposal advance the overarching objective of promoting greater equality?