Introduction to GBA+

Program design

Programs typically have a specific objective, which means it is important that the delivery model corresponds with the intended outcome of the program. GBA+ can help identify important considerations for delivering a program to diverse groups of women, men and gender-diverse people, as well as the most effective delivery mechanisms, by asking questions such as:

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  • Who is the target population for the program?
  • Will the program have consequences for individuals outside the target population?
  • What are the characteristics of these groups? (Consider factors such as location, socio-economic status, culture and so on.)
  • If the intended outcome of the program is to address the needs of a diverse population of people, are different program components required to reach different groups?
  • Have stakeholders been consulted? Which ones?
  • Are the administrative processes used to access a program appropriate for the target audience?
  • Do the data collection guidelines, forms and processes ensure that data collected can be disaggregated by sex as well as by other factors and personal characteristics?
  • What strategies can be put in place to mitigate these unintended impacts?