Introduction to GBA+

Service delivery and operations

Service delivery includes activities focused on serving Canadians, everything from the design of delivery models, to direct interaction with the public.

GBA+ is often viewed as relevant only to the social policy sectors. But it can also be applied in highly operational sectors, including, for example, military and defence, border management, corrections and other public security sectors.

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The optional module, Building a framework to support GBA+ in your organization, is a case study that illustrates how GBA+ can be applied in an operational setting. When used in the context of developing HR and diversity strategies, it can assist in digging deeper into systemic issues which may in turn be affecting the make-up of certain sectors or workforces. Take a few minutes at the end of the course to review this case study.

Ensuring accessibility and meeting the needs of the client population are key considerations. Some questions to consider for incorporating GBA+ in service delivery and operations are:

  • What are the characteristics of the population that a program or service intends to address?
  • Is there gender balance and/or diversity among those delivering a service directly to the public? Could this affect how a service is perceived by the public, or how it serves the public’s needs?
  • Do all people have equitable access to the program or service?
  • Is training available to those delivering services to ensure they are sensitive to the needs of all people?
  • Have diverse perspectives been considered in developing an operational plan or a delivery model?