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Minister Leitch announces project to reduce violence against women and girls

I am delighted today to announce today that
the white ribbon campaign will be receiving $300,000
for a 36 month project to create a community practice
in partnership with nine other organizations across the country
to engage men and boys in ending gender-based violence.
Statistics show that one in three women in Canada experience
sexual violence at some point in time in their lives.
One in three.
Status of Women Canada has spent the last almost decade
investing significantly in over 700 projects for women.
But many of them, upwards of $70 million invested,
in making sure we're eliminating violence
against women and girls.
We are taking an opportunity to look at these nine projects
that are working with men and boys across the country,
bring them together so they can collaborate,
share best practices and do problem solving.
But then we are also taking the evaluation data
that those groups are coming up with from their projects,
and understanding (sharing) a made-in-Canada solution
to prevention work with men and boys.
So this literally is not happening anywhere else
in the world right now.
This project is another example of some of
the concrete actions that our government is taking
in order to move the bar to create safer communities
for women and girls across the country.
We actually have a collective responsibility to deal
with violence against women and girls,
to make sure that we as Canadians are moving forward
in the right direction.

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