Here's how you can celebrate International Day of the Girl:

  1. Tell others about the significance of this day by writing an article, letter to the editor or blog post.
  2. Start a group at your school or work to organize an International Day of the Girl celebration on October 11.
  3. Keep your eyes open for speakers or programs in your area that relate to the International Day of the Girl.
  4. Write a story about your life as a girl or the life of a girl you know.
  5. Educate yourself by reading through this website and the websites of other organizations.
  6. Download our International Day of the Girl poster and put it up in your office, home or community.
  7. Encourage young people to get involved in celebrating the importance of girls' rights by developing a lesson, creating an exhibit, completing a project or staging a play.
  8. Create a piece of art with some of the girls in your life. Express your thoughts and emotions about International Day of the Girl and why it is important.
  9. Interview a girl in your life. A few simple questions can tell you a lot about what it's like to be a girl today.
  10. Learn more about the issues facing girls by reading a book or watching a documentary, film or television program about girls.
  11. Demonstrate your awareness of girls' issues by engaging in conversations and letting others know what they can do to make a difference.
  12. Donate to a cause that supports girls and equality for girls. There are many interesting projects in your community and around the world.
  13. Talk with men and boys about their role in advocating for the rights of girls.
  14. If you are in a book club, suggest that your group read a book by or about girls or with a girl protagonist.
  15. Organize a spirit day at your workplace or school to raise awareness of girls' rights.
  16. Plan a fundraising event (e.g. bake sale, used book sale, etc.) at your workplace or school for a charity that works with girls or works to advance girls' rights.
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