Topics for Discussion

Some topics to explore:
Girls everywhere are touched by a range of issues, which may affect them differently depending upon where they live.  Some of the issues that affect girls around the world include:

  • Gender equality
  • Human rights
  • Access to education
  • Poverty
  • Health
  • Child, early and forced marriage
  • Leadership and empowerment
  • Civic engagement and participation
  • Human trafficking
  • Cyberviolence/cyberbullying
  • Family violence and abuse
  • Dating violence
  • Sexual violence and consent
  • Sexual harassment
  • Mental health and depression
  • Body image
  • Self esteem
  • Role models and mentorship

Discussion questions:

Ages 7-11

If you did not have the tools you need at school, or even a school to go to, what challenges might you encounter?

Why is education important, not just for Canadians and girls, but for everyone in the world?

What do the girls featured in Strong Girls make you think about? Do you think you could invent something one day? Do you have an idea?

Ages 12-13

What are human rights?

Why is there an International Day of the Girl?

Do girls in Canada face the same challenges as girls in other parts of the world? What is similar? What is different?

What can Canadians do to support girls' rights in other countries?

What can you as a (student, teacher, etc.) do to help support girls' human rights?

Ages 14-17

In what way are the challenges faced by girls unique?

Why should boys care about girls' rights? How do girls' rights affect boys' rights?

How can boys work with women and girls to ensure girls' rights are respected in the community? The world?

Have you ever witnessed a situation in which a girl's rights were violated? How could this situation have been prevented? Is there something you or your peers could have done to intervene? Is there something society as a whole could have done?

What qualities should parents, teachers and community leaders develop in girls to help achieve an equal society? In boys?

What are the benefits of equality between the genders? Are there disadvantages or challenges associated with equality? If so, how can they be overcome?

What can you as a (student, teacher, etc.) do to advance girls' human rights?

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