Women's Program Funding in Action
New Brunswick Coalition for Pay Equity / Coalition pour l'équité salariale du Nouveau-Brunswick Inc.

Moncton, New Brunswick

Encouraging Women’s Leadership and Democratic Participation in New Brunswick

Meeting in a boardroom

A recent project in New Brunswick has produced a series of innovative mentorship models and other supports for helping women become effective leaders and decision-makers in community-based organizations. The success of the project was due in large part to the willingness of women already in leadership positions to serve as mentors to those with limited or no experience of civic engagement. Also, where possible, they involved the women in leadership roles in their own organizations. Given the overwhelmingly positive response, the models and project results are being shared with community-based organizations across the country.

“The project was a big success! The workshops and group discussions helped the women break out of their isolation and gain the courage to seek leadership positions. Through the project, women had the opportunity to share ideas, positive developments and solutions as well as frustrations. They were also pleased to have a social worker on site with expertise in women’s leadership!”

Johanne Perron, Executive Director
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