Women's Program Funding in Action
Woman Abuse Council of Toronto

Toronto, Ontario

Policies Matter: Addressing Violence against Women through Reflection, Knowledge and Action in Toronto

Project participants

The Woman Abuse Council of Toronto (Woman ACT) is breaking new ground in the struggle to end violence against women. A recently completed gender-based analysis explored how certain policies, developed in isolation, can intersect with others to create not only “bridges” but barriers to women’s safety. Working with experts from the Barbara Schlifer Clinic and the Elizabeth Fry Society of Toronto, the project focused on violence experienced by intersecting populations of newcomer, immigrant and refugee women and women with addictions and mental health issues. Through this project, Woman ACT showed that coordinating intersecting policies may be as critical to ending violence against women as providing abused women with financial assistance, secure housing and social support.

“Our project allowed us to use a gender-based analysis to navigate and map policies that impact women and children fleeing violence. The interactive nature of our website made this tool a changing, growing tool that will continue to be used by stakeholders in the future.”

Harmy Mendoza, Executive Director
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