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Aboriginal Young Women’s Leadership for Violence Prevention across Canada

Paticipants of the Girls Action Foundation project

The Girls Action Foundation, in close partnership with the National Indigenous Young Women’s Advisory Council and the Native Youth Sexual Health Network, recently completed an exciting new project to give young Aboriginal women the leadership skills they need to tackle violence against girls and women. In addition to helping 46 young Aboriginal women from across the country to understand gender-based violence, the project also prepared them to identify and respond to it in their own lives and in their communities. The participants – Inuit, Métis and First Nations – worked with project organizers on a variety of activities, including the development of a needs assessment, a toolkit for community action, online resources and a national forum that produced individual action plans for their communities.

“II knew it wasn’t a lack of ideas, time or will that was keeping us from making a difference in our communities. Rather, it was a lack of support and resources. This project is a perfect example of what is possible when Indigenous young leaders receive support and resources, and are given the time and space to develop their own ideas and carry them out.”

(project participant)
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