Introduction to GBA+

Moving beyond sex and gender

By considering intersectionality through GBA+ we will:

  • Break down stereotypes and reveal diversity within different groups
  • Understand that each person’s identity is composed of multiple factors (e.g. race, ethnicity, religion, age, mental or physical disability) that combine and interact as a single experience (e.g. being an immigrant man with a disability, rather than isolating the experience of being an immigrant from that of being a man from that of being a person with a disability)
  • Distinguish gender issues from women’s issues
  • Consider men (including trans men) and how their access to programs and services is influenced by gender and intersecting identity factors
  • Acknowledge that not all individuals identify with binary gender categories of male/man and female/woman, nor do all individuals identify with their birth-assigned sex
Intersectionality image: illustrating some of the identity factors considered in GBA+