Introduction to GBA+

Summary: GBA+ as a competency

Developing competencies in GBA+ will allow you to explore how an issue is affected by various intersecting identity factors. This includes examining sex-disaggregated data and research, and considering social, economic and cultural conditions and norms.

GBA+ is a valuable tool for systematically considering an array of identity factors in the development of policies, programs and initiatives. It can be used across many sectors and functions.

Although infrequent, it may happen that you can conclude from the GBA+ process that an initiative will have no negative impacts on different groups of people. Provided you document the GBA+ process and qualify your options, your approach is still gender- and diversity-sensitive.

Conversely, applying the GBA+ process to an initiative that does not immediately seem gendered may reveal significant gender and/or diversity issues.

Remember that it is crucial to check your assumptions about an issue and its possible effects on different individuals. Your assumptions might inadvertently influence the options you consider. Ultimately, you will want to recommend to decision-makers the option that most effectively reduces negative impacts and provides the greatest benefit to all.