Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

2009-2010 - 1st Quarter

Please select the vendor name for contract details.

DateVendor NameDescriptionValue
2009-04-01Société Gamma0494 Translation Services$31,500.00
2009-04-17Longo & Associates0499 Other professional services not specified elsewhere$16,050.00
2009-05-15Karen Benoit0494 Translation Services$10,500.00
2009-05-15Linguistica0494 Translation Services$21,000.00
2009-05-15France Boissonneault0494 Translation Services$21,000.00
2009-05-15Francois Houle0494 Translation Services$21,000.00
2009-05-15Jeannot Trudel0494 Translation Services$10,500.00
2009-05-21CNW Group0351 Communications professional services not specified elsewhere$25,200.00
2009-06-19The Associates Group of Companies - TAG HR0813 Temporary Help Services$12,530.70

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes