Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

2013-2014 - 2nd Quarter

Please select the vendor name for contract details.

DateVendor NameDescriptionValue
2013-07-04Traductions Zénith0494 Translation Services$40,000.00
2013-07-05COM'Çà0494 Translation services$30,000.00
2013-07-05Anita Portier0494 Translation services$20,000.00
2013-07-08Solution SL0494 Translation services$20,000.00
2013-07-08Christiane Ryan0494 Translation Services$10,000.00
2013-07-25François Houle0494 Translation services$10,000.00
2013-08-16Bell Canada1289 Network equipment for new offices at 22 Eddy in Gatineau.$210,788.03
2013-09-18Bell Business Markets0473 Network planning, designing and implementation for new offices at 22 Eddy in Gatineau.$22,854.25
2013-09-23Divercity0859 Relocation of signage and special shelving to new offices at 22 Eddy in Gatineau.$12,712.50

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes