Disclosure of Contracts Over $10,000

2014-2015 - 1st Quarter

Please select the vendor name for contract details.

DateVendor NameDescriptionValue
2014-04-01Freebalance0583 License/Maintenance fees for Application Software (including COTS) and Application Development and Delivery Software$18,405.45
2014-04-01CNW Group0351 Communications Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified$24,973.00
2014-04-01Media Q0361 Electronic subscriptions and electronic publications$22,600.00
2014-04-03Société Gamma Inc.0494 Translation Services$70,000.00
2014-04-22Aspek Software Systems0473 Information Technology and Telecommunications Consultants$22,374.00
2014-05-21Tessier Translations Inc.0494 Translation Services$11,812.41
2014-06-02Canada Works Ltd.0499 Other Professional Services not Elsewhere Specified$24,941.93

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes