Disclosure of Grant and Contribution Awards

Recipient Name: Women’s Information Safe House (WISH) Drop-In Centre Society
Location: Vancouver, British Columbia
Date: 2009-01-13
Value: $21,000.00
Type: Grant
Purpose: The WISH Security Project will bring safety to the 150 women survival sex workers who use the WISH Wellness Centre by creating an area of safety around the new Centre and the adjacent neighbourhood, by offering generic skills training and supported employment to 14 women in the survival sex trade in order for them to become security personnel for the new Centre. The model that will be used encourages leadership by peer security workers to ensure the "health, safety and well-being" of women survival sex trade workers and the neighbourhood of the WISH Wellness Centre. SUPPLEMENT: The supplement will allow the organization to cover unanticipated cost increases and salary costs to ensure the success of the project.
Comments: Modified: September 1st, 2009