Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

McGrath, Andrew, Press Secretary and Communications Assistant

Travel Expenses - 2014
Start DatePurposeTotal Cost
2014-10-21Accompany the Minister $716.75
2014-09-11Accompany the Minister $770.77
2014-08-13Accompanied the Minister $2,211.12
2014-07-31Accompanied the Minister $740.29
2014-07-06Accompanied the Minister $1,081.81
2014-06-25Accompanied the Minister $1,319.67
2014-06-22Accompanied the Minister $1,822.88
2014-06-18Accompany the Parliamentary Secretary for Status of Women Canada $2,657.35
2014-06-04Trip Cancelled/Conference fee $662.04
2014-05-28Accompanied the Minister $1,438.44
2014-05-21Accompanied the Minister $1,206.04
2014-04-30Accompanied the Minister $915.42
2014-04-22Accompanied the Minister $3,916.01
2014-03-09Accompanied the Minister $3,767.07
Total: $23,225.66

Hospitality Expenses - 2014
No hospitality expenses during the reporting period.

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes