Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Pellerin, Axelle, Chief of Staff

Travel Expenses - 2009
Start DatePurposeTotal Cost
2009-09-06Cancellation Fees $500.00
2009-08-17Accompany the Minister to a meeting with stakeholders and attend an announcement. $3,087.48
2009-08-09Accompany the Minister to attend the following: Funding Announcement-Justice Options for Women; Round table with Canadian Forces military wives; Announcement-Women's Economic Equality Society; Announcement-YMCA Halifax. $1,944.05
2009-08-02Accompany the Minister to lead the Canadian delegation at the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Women's Leader meeting 2009. $386.21
2009-06-20Accompanied the Minister who was a guest speaker at the luncheon of Canadian Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs Annual General Meeting. $1,238.36
2009-06-10Cancellation Fees $274.29
2009-05-28Accompanied the Minister to Round table meetings. $155.70
2009-03-25Accompanied Minister to the launch celebration of WEConnect Canada$3,235.32
2009-01-21Accompany the Minister of State to Stakeholder's meeting and funding announcement. $1,325.37
Total: $12,146.78

Hospitality Expenses - 2009
DateEvent DescriptionTotal Cost
2009-08-26In house training for staff and Minister with University of Alberta professor-Lunch $257.95
2009-08-19Meeting with Stakeholders, Alberta Council - Lunch $85.00
2009-01-22Meeting with Stakeholders, Minister of State (Status of Women) and Status of Women Canada's coordinator- Lunch $137.80
Total: $480.75

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes