Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Ievers, Florence, Co-ordinator (1997 - 2007)

Travel Expenses - 2003
No travel expenses during the reporting period.

Hospitality Expenses - 2003
DateEvent DescriptionTotal Cost
2003-12-22Christmas and Long Service Awards Lunch$140.00
2003-12-19Working Lunch$81.26
2003-12-19Christmas and Long Service Awards Lunch$170.00
2003-12-19Christmas and Long Service Awards Lunch$165.33
2003-12-18Christmas and Long Service Awards Reception$2,084.47
2003-12-16Breakfast meeting with the Minister of State$51.35
2003-12-16Refreshments for Senior Executive Meeting $20.87
2003-12-12Flowers for re-appointment of Minister of State (Multiculturalism and Status of Women) $124.20
Total: $2,837.48

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes