Disclosure of Travel and Hospitality Expenses

Ievers, Florence, Co-ordinator (1997 - 2007)

Travel Expenses - 2005
Start DatePurposeTotal Cost
2005-12-07To attend Inter-Commission of Women (CIM) Executive Committee meeting$2,353.83
2005-10-16To participate and lead in SWC's Gender Equality Consultation in Quebec$909.21
2005-09-18Participate at the: a) F/P/T meeting of Ministers Responsible for the Status of Women and b) Prairies' Gender Equality Consultation$2,743.80
2005-08-30Briefing with Minister Liza Frulla - Nanci-Jean Waugh attended as Chair on behalf of the Co-ordinator $969.99
2005-03-17Regional Meeting with Atlantic staff$935.81
2005-03-13Meeting with Minister Liza Frulla$496.99
2005-02-25Attend 2 meetings in New York : 1)Commonwealth Review; and Appraisal of the Beijing Declaration and Platform for Action and the Outcome Document of the Twenty-Third Special Session of the General Assembly and 2)Beijing+10 the 49th Session of the UN Commission on Status of Women $5,023.25
Total: $13,432.88

Hospitality Expenses - 2005
DateEvent DescriptionTotal Cost
2005-12-21SWC's Holiday Luncheon/Awards and Recognition Program$1,771.44
2005-12-21Prizes given during the SWC's Holiday Luncheon/Awards and Recognition Program$340.62
2005-12-08Working lunch while in Washington, DC for Organization of American States - Inter-Commission for Women (CIM) Executive Committee$54.39
2005-09-14Breakfast for launch of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign$411.50
2005-09-14Decorations and prizes for the launch of the Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign$168.34
2005-06-23Quarry entrance fees, lunch and prizes for the SWC Staff Picnic - Recognition Program$1,578.39
2005-06-17Lunch for Federal/Provincial/Territorial Meeting of Senior officials responsible for the Status of Women$571.88
2005-06-15Reception for Sisters in Spirit Announcement$555.06
2005-06-15Gift for Elder presented during the Reception for Sisters in Spirit Announcement$58.32
2005-05-25Gifts presented for Administrative Assistants Week, Recognition Program$72.45
2005-05-04Reception where the Honourable Liza Frulla honoured the representatives from the World March of Women$1,147.15
2005-03-23Certificates for Long Service Awards$75.00
2005-03-22Gift for Annual Leadership Award / Recognition Program$149.99
2005-03-20Certificate for Long Service Awards$25.00
2005-03-15SWC Prairies region luncheon and gifts for the Awards and Recognition Program$175.52
2005-03-14Gift for Model Management Award / Recognition Program$125.00
2005-02-28Lunch meeting hosted by SWC during Beijing +10 $264.38
2005-02-03SWC's Awards and Recognition Reception$492.55
2005-02-03SWC's Certificates and Long Service Awards$1,736.85
Total: $9,773.83

Note: Costs include all applicable taxes