2013-2014 Supplementary Tables

Green Procurement Reporting for Departments and Agencies Not Bound by the Federal Sustainable Development Act

This table comments on the strategies used by Status of Women Canada to meet its responsibilities under the Policy on Green Procurement.

Departments and agencies bound by the Policy on Green Procurement but not the Federal Sustainable Development Act must complete mandatory reporting on meeting the requirements of Section 7 of the Policy on Green Procurement using this section.

Strategies / Comments
Approach: The organization's approach to implementing green procurement is to target the use of PWGSC procurement instruments and the delivery of training to key personnel.
Management Processes and Controls: The organization uses PWGSC procurement instruments when purchasing mandatory commodities and uses standing offers/supply arrangements as its primary mechanism when available. This allows the organization to leverage the environmental considerations incorporated into these standing offers and supply arrangements. The organization will strive to increase by 5% the use of PWGSC consolidated procurement instruments where available when purchasing goods.
Training: The organization will require that all new staff with procurement and materiel management responsibilities take the CSPS course C215 within six months of being hired.
Meeting Targets: The organization will report against these targets in the Departmental Performance Report.