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The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch

The Honourable Dr. K. Kellie Leitch

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It Starts with One - Be Her Champion

Hi, I'm Dr. Kellie Leitch, Canada's Minister of Labour and
Minister of Status of Women.
I'm here to challenge you to step up.
It starts with one: be her champion,
is the name of our latest campaign.
In workplaces across Canada, committed leaders,
men and women, are taking action to help women achieve more -
from the shop floor to the sales floor;
from small businesses to large enterprise.
We need you to step up.
Take the pledge to champion a woman under 35 for one
year like these leaders.
What does it mean, mentoring a woman to success?
It means sharing your knowledge and your know-how.
It means offering support and advice.
More than that, being a champion means standing up for your
mentee, promoting her in your network and exposing
her to new opportunities.
So, I am challenging you and all Canadians to make a difference
in a women's life by pledging to be her champion.
You will be joining a national movement that helps women
succeed and contributes to a robust Canadian economy.
We know, when women succeed, Canada succeeds.
And this is good for them, it's good for the Canadian economy,
and it's great for Canada.
And you'll probably feel pretty good about it too.
It Starts with One - Be her Champion!
Take the pledge today.

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